Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ipoh Mali....

Started our journey to Ipoh at 9.30am and we have our de-tour to Bidor to taste some specialties food around the town.

We tasted Wu Kok which is nice but expensive. RM1.40 per piece/ball.

I just eat the wan tan mee.

And the most famous which is duck drumstick mee.

Joshua started to do his jump shot once we reach Ipoh. Taken at the railway station at Majestic Hotel.

So I also start posing abit. Thanks Joshua for taking this photo for me.

Started to get hungry, so we headed to the town to taste the Ipoh famous Chicken and bean sprout kiew tiau soup.

We went to Lou Wong Tauge Keetiau Restaurant. And there are few shop around that area.

We order bean sprout...

pork ball and fish ball...

chicken and ...

of coz the kiewtiau soup.

Then this is the perfect 3 course meals....

Later, we meet up with Dr Saw and he is kind enough to bring us to merry go round in Ipoh while we took more photos. Finally energy level up, and Joshua begin to warm up for more jump shot.

After that we headed to taste the famous white coffee of Ipoh in Old Town White Coffee

The white coffee and ...

Cheese and ham polo..

We went back to YMCA for a rest before we headed out for our dinner. Dr Saw introduce us to eat chicken leg which is famous in Ipoh as well. Did not eat much because I am not a spare-part food lover... Hehe.

Then headed back to Majestic Hotel to take some night view photo and also the photo of colonial building as well. Too bad our photo session was disturbed by some gay and ah kua couple which is around the garden playing hindustan styles of love scene.

We call it a day after that. The next day we just go to the garden nearby YMCA, Ipoh. Joshua keep on jumping around and ask me to take pic of him jumping.

Besides jumping, he also know how to lean as well. Hehe!

But for me, I know how to sit only. Pai Sey!

Before we headed back to KL, we have our last meal in Ipoh together with Dr Saw. We eat Nasi Kandar Ayam Masak Merah.

Oh Gosh! What a long-winded posting! I will be going to Singapore this few days. Hope to take more nice pictures in Singapore. See you around and merry christmas.


StrawberrY woRLD said...

Hi.. how is the majestic hotel? I am planing a trip dere fr a day .. so wondering if the hotel is nice or ok not?

Mr Blurster said...

When we were there, the hotel was fully booked due to some events. But the reason why we choose that hotel because it was haunted hotel. Haha. End up we stay at YMCA. Anyway, you should give it a try at Majestic Hotel. It is nice building.