Monday, December 17, 2007

Save by YMCA, Ipoh

We are saved by YMCA, Ipoh. Why? This is the story. Douglas, Joshua, Jimmie and myself started our journey to Ipoh at 9.30 am from Kepong. Reach Ipoh about 12pm and keep ourself busy searching for hotel. At first wanted to stay at haunted Majestic hotel but it was fully booked. Drive along the town and keep asking for every hotel that we saw but all was fully taken. Damn It! How come Ipoh suddenly so full with peoples staying in hotel. Maybe because of school holiday.

This is the night view of Majestic Hotel which believed to be haunted.

I hope we don't end up sleeping in the car or garden. Haha. As advised by Douglas's friend, Dr Saw we headed to YMCA Ipoh to check whether got anymore room to booked. Lucky us we got ourself 2 room which cost about RM55 per room. The room was decent clean and have all the basic facilities. We are kinda lucky because if wanna booked the room, must book 2 months in advance.

So, that how we are saved by YMCA. For more photos, you can click HERE

Coming up NEXT! What we eat and done in Ipoh? Stay tune!!


skarn said...

Steve, don't forget to add that a certain company (*cough*banking*cough*sector*cough*) booked the Majestic for it's team building function which forced us to go looking for another place to stay.

Mr Blurster said...

Oh yeah! That cheapskate Hong Leong Bank booked the entire hotel and that why we do not have chance to meet the friendly ghost in Majestic Hotel.

kiwifamily said...

Do you know if the YMCA has an email address? We are trying to book it from New Zealand!

Mr Blurster said...

Hi Kiwifamily,

They do not have any email?
However they do have phone contact as below :

211 Jalan Raja Musa Aziz
30300 Ipoh

t: 605-2540809
f: 605-2412093