Wednesday, December 26, 2007

More pics from Singapore

Back to Singapore again. Hehe. More about foods and also meeting up with friends in Singapore.
Let start with.....

Taken this photo when I was in MRT to Harbour Front to visit Vivo City

All my 6th uncle bodyguard. Hehe. They are friends of my uncle.

Taken lunch at Superdog. Ordered capsicum chicken dog and bacon chilli cheese dog. It was super nice as I saw this before at SmashpOp's blog before.

Can't take my eyes from this little girl who enjoy herself at waterpark outside the Vivo City.

My cruise ship that park outside. (I must be dreaming)

My big head brother, ah Guan.

No shadow kick. Almost kick my camera. Haha. Going to kill him if he do so. Hehe!

Taken by my bro outside the Vivo City. Damn Blur as usual.

See how samseng is my bro. Like taiko!

My floating restaurant. Damn! I dream again.

Water fountain outside Vivo City

At night, went to Orchard Road to visit Royal Plaza hotel where my bro is working now.

My dinner. Thai Styles Chicken Rice in Wok. Taste so so only.

My next day brunch (Breakfast + Lunch = Brunch)
Superdog nicer. But the hotdog still maintained its juiciness. Taken at MOS Burger, fast food restaurant.

My all time favorite. Tsukune chicken burger. It used rice together with the burger and not bread. Something special which Malaysia do not have. (I think)

Then walk walk around Bugis Junction and also Kuan Yin temple before headed to yumcha with my hometown best friend who work there as chef. Meet Taufoo Lai. Hehe. He is going to kill me soon if he saw i called him that.

The rest was just food food and food in Singapore before coming back to KL. All foods taken in Fish and Co. Still prefer Malaysian foods.

I had these. Spicy a bit. Not so bad.

My friend have this. Dunno what salmon.

Oh yeah almost being killed by friends forget to put this photo. Mann Hwa, miss eee..(forget her name), Jaster and Mayshian.

And I think that all in Singapore. Looking forward for my trip in Kukup.


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