Monday, December 31, 2007

Returning to Kukup

Just back from Kukup Island and having a great and tired times there. Thanks to Ah Girl, Simon and Gary who was there to accompany us during our stay in Kukup. Kukup was nothing special except for the seafood but together with a group of close friends, it was hell of a fun time together. We eat, we sing-k, we camwhore, we joke, we mahjong, we chor tai dee, and we drink.

Let see the photo I took there.

This is the house that we stayed. 3 clean rooms and huge living room with karaoke set.

Outside our house whereby got BBQ session. That is the place we hang out at night while waiting for the so called chef to BBQ for us. We no need to dirty our hands.

See how creative the kukup decorated the xmas tree... hehe

Spotted Diana Ruddolf there. Latest lomo camera.

I am always attracted to bling bling round object.

A lots of fish farm in kukup. Mostly fishes here are imported to Singapore and Hong Kong.

So close with nature especially my backyard with mangrove jungle and so many egrets.

Forget to bring my fishing rod. If got, then i will be like him enjoy my fishing while waiting for the sunset.

We waited for the sunset and it was a beautiful golden sunset. It worth for us to wait for the Mr.Sun to go to sleep.

And finally, Mr Sun shy away from us.

The golden sky emerged from the shadow of the sun.

The next morning I walked to the fisherman village took some photos of the fishing boat before we departed to fishing farm.

And I watched Alien Vs Predator live in Kukup. Here you are!!!

Before we go back to KL, we headed to rocky beach where we camwhore there. So many people fishing there as the time we go was high tide.

For more photos, you can refer to my Multiply photo album HERE.
Aikss!! How come no people photos wan!!

To be continue......


DonDon said...

LOLZ. i like ur ALIEN VS PREDATOR, that's very creative

Mr Blurster said...

Hi Donny. Thanks. Hehe. Glad you like it.