Tuesday, June 2, 2009


When I was back in town for Mother Day, Teluk Intan is having some Hindu festival or better known as Chitraparuvam. The festival somehow look like Thaipusam and it is the largest Hindu festival in Teluk Intan where Hindu devotees will come from all over the states to pray for blessing.

As usual, my parent and few of his friends will take this opportunity to do some donation by giving out mineral water to the devotees. During that time, Nizar (MB of Perak) was there as well at the booth where my dad just pass him the mineral water while I busy snapping him.

Perak MB Dato Seri Nizar who was there as well to gain support from the people accompanied by some VIPs

Chained his body and pull the trolly while his wife and son are sitting at the trolly.

Another young boy who bring kavadis to the temple.

Tongue piercing


Keep on walking until he reach the entrance of the temple


Another tongue-piercing and kavadi carrier.

My parent with friends distributing water to the people.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Wedding - Yit Shern

Help out my bro, Yit Shern to take some picture on his wedding day. We used to play football together and once in a while will see him fetching his GF around my taman with his motorbike. Time passes so fast and now they have become husband and wife.

Yit Shern and wife

The ASOB brotherhoods

The love nest

Parent preparing the bridegroom to be smart and handsome

The heng dai and the pig bearer

Preparing the car to "kidnap" the bride over

The heng dai..

Happily ever after...

Preparing to go to her new house.

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