Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mum making miku

More post about my holiday during Chinese New Year. Haha. If you gonna ask me how do I spent my long holiday at hometown.. This is what I am going to answer you.. "I stay at home and kacau my mother... n busy taking her pictures while she is busy"..

Haha. While my mum busy making miku(tortoise shaped buns), I busy taking her picture which obviously she wanna kick me out from the kitchen. Haha. I take from the start until the end. Let the picture tell you the story...

By the time I wake up, my mum already until that part. So i have missed the earlier part.

See how much she had done in a while. Never wait for me wake up.

See! See! Her eyes telling me to get out from the kitchen. Haha! Like wanna kick me out so desperately.

This is the part when she color all the miku into red. Barulah ada "ONG". Hehe.

This is how the miku look like before going into steaming process.

Meanwhile she was checking whether if her steaming is hot enough or not.

While waiting for the buns to be cooked, she show me the eyes of the "Kick-Ass-Out-From-Kitchen" look again. Haha. So obvious, that I have annoyed her so much in the kitchen.

Ho Ho! Finally the miku is ready. Hot from the steaming kitchen. Hehe.

See! So red! My dad say the buns need to pecah a bit then only baru "Huat ah"... Hehe. Meaning got growth in everything. Hehe.

Hot hot miku freshly baked. Wanna eat?!! Dun eat my Hong Kong leg ok?!!

More and more miku out from the kitchen. Hehe.

Haha! The miku so Huat Ah!!!.. Haha..

This is how I spent my Chinese New Year. Hehe. Besides making miku, my mum make other ku also. Will post later. Hehe.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hakka Thunder Tea Rice

Every time during CNY, one of my grandma's friend will always bring Hakka Thunder Tea Rice (Lui Char Fan) for my family to eat every year. Although my grandma already pass away and also her friend already pass away, but her family also never failed to forget to bring the tea rice to our family as tradition every year. I dun always blog about food but this time is exceptional because I found that this food is kinda unique and I dun see any shop selling this food in KL or anywhere. If you know where to eat that, do let me know.

My mum told me that Hakka Thunder Tea Rice consist of varieties of tea and vegetables and you mixed around all the dishes and add hot water to the rice. Haha. My explanation sound funny rite?! Let the photo do the explaining.

Hakka Lui Char Fan consists of rice and 7 other dishes normally.

Very healthy food without any ajinamoto.

And the rest are some of the close up of the dishes. Can't explain to you what it is inside because i also dunno. Haha. I know how to eat only.

The way to eat Hakka Lui Char Fan is to mixed everything together and add with hot water.

TaaDah!! Hakka Thunder Tea Rice.

Yummy rite? Let me know if you know where can eat that. Hehe.

Monday, February 25, 2008


My new year started early in the morning with a big bang of red little cracker by my dad. Nothing much from the first day of Chinese New Year. Just sit at home waiting to collect ang pow from the relatives who came to my home.

My dad officially celebrate chinese new year with fire cracker to chase the evil spirit. Hehe.

As usual, everyday during CNY, I will have small gathering at my house. For the last few years, we have been eating steamboat but for this year we are doing BBQ instead.

So on 2nd day of CNY, we are all busy looking for BBQ food for that night which include making the BBQ set from oil tank. We managed to buy everything except chicken wing which we almost search for the entire town to look for it. Haha. We never thought it could be so hard to look for chicken during CNY until i called my mother who sarcastic answer me on phone "Who want to open shop for u on 2nd day of CNY?". Haha. But end up we managed to find it after all.

This is our BBQ set. It was a hard work from us who search for the tank, cut into half and carry it to my house to prepare. Got blood and sweat wan wor... Hehe. Thanks to close buddy like Chee Chee, Ah Hung and Mc Kaye.

Chee Chee and Mc Kaye proudly stand beside the BBQ set. Hehe. Chee Chee was the project manager for the BBQ at my house this year while Mc Kaye is the project engineer who working hard to cut the oil tank into half.

Due to some sharp edge which might accidentally cut someone, we modify the BBQ set again. Let the professional (my 5th uncle) to smoothen the sharp edge.

Don't play play lo. Can cut your finger also if mishandle it. So dun try this at home. Hehe!

Finally the BBQ set is ready for the night.

Something simple for our BBQ. Got mee, hot dog, chicken wing, sweet potato, sambal fishes and some fresh water prawn thanks to Mc Kaye.

Did not take much photo that time because was busy BBQ-ing, chatting and drinking. Hehe.

The girl power team.

Weng Hui and Boo Boon.

Lip Keng and Ah Chiew.

Our chef who are busy BBQ to finish all the chicken wings.

While some of them busy "open table" inside my house.

Anyway it was a nice gathering once in a year and definitely will held again next year and many many year to come. Haha. Thank you everybody for the great time.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Reunion Dinner

Reunion dinner is a must for every family one day before the Chinese New Year. Our reunion dinner is pretty simple. Just gathering of whole family and have nice dinner from my mum. Too bad this year, my 2nd bro Ah Guan can't able to make it for reunion dinner because he was still working in Singapore in food industry.

If you ever ask me what is the best meal that I ever have in my entire life... I would say my mum cooking. No doubt about that. Although no abalone, no shark fin, but is still the best dinner. Hehe. Thank you, mum.

My mum preparing the reunion dinner.

We have vegetable and also hot chicken soup. Yummy! Drooling now.

We have "bak kean". Dunno what it called in English. Hehe.

Deep-fried prawns.

Our complete happy full set reunion dinner meal. Hehe.

My mum and dad. Very young leh. Hehe.

See how we so enjoy our dinner. No need to wear shirt somemore. Haha.

More coming up next.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Healthy Start ....

Every year of Chinese New Year, we will have lots of unhealthy activities such as gambling, smoking and also beer+ing. Haha. But for this year, we have unusual start of Chinese New Year which are kinda healthy. Thanks to Yit Shern who bring his tea collection to Mc Gay Kaye house for tea drinking.

By the way, Happy Chinese Valentine Day. Haha. Dun forget to throw kam at river for those who are still single. Too bad I am too tired to throw kam after long hours of nite shift today. For the next few posting will be much of what I had done during the Chinese New Year.

Some of the pictures taken during our really yumcha time. Hehe!

This is Mr Soo Yit Shern with weird pervert face looking at me. Actually we had to wait kinda long for a cup of tea because the water is not boiling. Haha.

His precious tea pot collection.

Finally, the water is hot enough to be served to us after some times.

Good buddy of mine, Ah Hung. Hehe. So handsome after few touch up. Hehe.

While drinking tea, we can enjoy the japanese kap swimming around.

So healthy rite?! Minus that cigarettes. Hehe. Next will post my family reunion dinner. Nothing fancy but as usual awesome home cooking by my mummy.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pasir Salak & Paddy Field

Finally I am back to KL after 2 weeks at my hometown, Teluk Intan celebrating my Chinese New Year with my family and friends. 2 weeks without Internet connection is really killing me. Luckily, with the accompany of my friends and family, no Internet also can. Haha. I guess by the time I posted this blog, my friend, Douglas already on the plane to Australia. Safe journey and I will be missing you. Let me cover the part when Douglas was here at my hometown before I post how I enjoy myself during Chinese New Year.

After visiting Kellie's Castle, we headed to Pasir Salak, another so called historical place in Perak. If your forget this place, then you can open back your Sejarah book and learn back about Dato Maharajalela and Also J.W.W Bitch Birch. The only places that I love about that place is the Time Tunnel whereby there a lots of miniatures about our importance dates in Malaysia.

Let recap how you know about Malaysia, your own country.

This part can skipped because i guessed everyone know about this photo. Tunku Abdul Rahman shouting "Merdeka" at Stadium Merdeka on 31 August, 1957.

Do you know that Japanese soldiers conquer Tanah Melayu by riding the bicycle?...

Dato Maharajalela was sentenced to hang to death when he surrendered himself after killing the J.W.W Birch.

This photo is about Perjanjian Pangkor and guess what, Douglas was part of the history. Dun believe me?!!

See this!! Hahaha!

After that, we leave Pasir Salak and went to the paddy field when on our back to Teluk Intan.

Nice blue sky with golden paddy waiting to be harvest.

A lots of egret looking for food at the paddy field. Really nice view. Trust me!

That the end for Douglas trip to my hometown. Nothing fancy about my hometown but trust me it is peaceful town. Will come back more with Chinese New Year photos. Anyways, it is not too late to wish all of you a Happy Chinese New Year and also Happy Valentine Day as well. Hehe! Hope I found someone this year so that next year no need to be lonely anymore. Haha! Cupid cupid, where are you??!!