Friday, July 11, 2008

Ulu Yam BBQ

Last weekend Evelyn invited me to go Ulu Yam BBQ together with her friends. So I invite along my buddie, Jimmie to go with me as well. As early as 7am, we already waiting for them along the road to Ulu Yam.

The tree provide wonderful shade from the hot sun.

Natural way of cooling the drinks and also the fruits.

The guy who are busy preparing the foods while I am busy snapping them.

Setting up the BBQ area.

When we reach there, everybody started to set up fire and start preparing all the foods. Some even went to catch small prawns while others enjoy the cooling water at the Ulu Yam waterfall. I was busy taking photograph together with Jimmie.

The ladies.

See how Emily hold the knife. So damn yeng and power.

Evelyn's friends. Sorry cant recall all your names.

BBQ besides the waterfall is really wonderful. Once you have BBQ your chicken wing and hot dog under the hot charcoal, you can enjoy your delicious food at the cooling water of the waterfall. Provided you did not pollute the river with your oily chicken. Hehe.

Emily with Steven (Evelyn's brother)

Evelyn with Watson.

Evelyn with How Zen.

Evelyn with leng luiz. Cant recall her name. Hehe.

The leng luiz.

Soon after our stomach is full, myself and Jimmie together with Evelyn's friend having some fun games. The game of 007 Piang! Haha! The game was pretty easy to play but just have to get used to it. Really enjoyed the game especially when you lose that all the people will splash the cooling water at you for your silly mistake.

Some portrait shot of Emily

Once taken Emily photo, she will appear almost in every photo in my camera. See this to believe. Haha!

Besides playing the 007 game, some of them even camwhore at the waterfall area. Only myself and Jimmie bought the camera so we were busy taking the picture for the ladies. Thanks Jimmie who borrow me his 50mm F1.8. Really get poisoned already to get the lens as soon as possible.

My funny pose with Emily.

Another photo of me with Emily which are consider normal.

The final group photo.

Credit to: Jimmie.

Thanks Evelyn for inviting us and hope there will more outing which is so much fun together again with your wonderful friends.

For more pictures for the Ulu Yam outing, please click HERE.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kampar Lake

Last 2 weeks back to hometown again since I have nothing to do in KL. Once again together with my parent, we headed to Kampar again to visit my youngest bro who study in UTAR. The weather that day was sunny and nice enough for photography.

The photo I took around the lake middle of the evening.

Lamp post standing tall.

You will see lots of people fishing at the late of the evening especially weekend.

Few more photos around the beautiful lake..

At first, I was supposed to hike again the Kampar waterfall together with my parent. But I was having bad cough and flu that day, I excuse myself from doing such activities. Haha! Ok. Actually I am lazy to hike. Therefore, I went to Kampar Lake which is nearby the UTAR university while waiting for my bro to finish his studies.

The so called island in the lake where lots of storks living there.

I guess you can't see any bird from these photo. Let close up more to see in detail of the storks who are living there.

What more amazing is how the stork "land" on the tree.. The body movement of the stork is like AirAsia plane landing on LCCT. Haha@! Something like that..

And see how the stork cruising around the lake.. It was worth the wait under the hot sun to take their photos.

Look like the stork also know how to enjoy the beautiful scenery like me.

UTAR have the most wonderful natural scenery in Malaysia. If you have chance to visit Kampar, take a small visit to UTAR and see how nice is the university adapting his natural beauty into concrete jungle.

The view of UTAR from far. How nice if my university is so beautiful. I will have more mood to study perhaps. Hehe.

The lake there is wonderful for fishing and also jogging during the evening. Around the lake, there is small so called island whereby many storks stay on the tree. It was very refreshing and less polluted. That day I was so lucky as there is no raining and the weather is just fine. Manage to take lots of pictures of stork flying freely around that area, monitor lizard swimming around the lake looking for food and small iguana as well.

Monitor lizard wondering around the lake looking for food.

Waiting for the right moment to take this photo between the leaves.

Small iguana say Hi to me.

Taken just before he say good bye to me.

What I really hope that, they will still preserve the natural beauty of that place as I can see more and more new housing development around the lake.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kampar Waterfall

Finally the Euro Cup 2008 is over and I managed to find time to spent time to blog. And yes Spain won the final 1-0 against Germany.

This blog i supposed to write about 2 weeks ago but I keep delayed it. It was the day when I went to Kampar together with my parent to visit my youngest brother who studies now at UTAR. Planning to take some photos at the lake somewhere near the UTAR but too bad it is raining. Kampar is actually very strange place. It can be raining at the lake but somewhere else it can be sunny or cloudy although the place is somehow nearby.

The temple that we prayed before we started to hike.

Therefore, my parent drag me hike at Kampar waterfall. My dad keep telling me it is near only. So finally agree to do so. Without my 3 quarter pant and slipper, and with my camera i started to hike to the waterfall.

Some of the houses along the way to waterfall which was full with greenest and fresh air for sure.

Along the way, there is lots of orang asli settlement. The orang asli people are very warm and friendly and will greet you when you smile at them. Some of the pictures I took at the waterfall.

The waterfall is so cooling and the best time to jump into the waterfall is after hiking.

Lots of people will be enjoy the cooling water after the hike.

Another part of the waterfall.

Somehow I enjoy the little children of orang asli enjoying fishing at his own pleasure.

Another picture of it.

I am not pervert, okies?

Mum and dad enjoy the waterfall after their hike.

Another pictures of them.