Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gua Tempurung

The next day, we went to Gua Tempurung. Douglas and myself meet up Alex at Kampar before we start our journey to Gua Tempurung. Although I always pass by that area when go to Ipoh, but I have never went inside. So this is my virgin trip to that cave.

We took the Top Of The World Tour that cost us RM9.00 and it is about 1hour and 45 minutes. The trip we took is a bit free and easy and less challenging because due to time constraint and we do not want to wet ourself. It is kinda stuffy along the 1.9km of journey. These caves are famous for its breathtaking gallery of stalagmites, stalactites and other amazing rock formations that resemble all type of objects that are superb for first timer like me.

It is hard to took picture there because it is dark and sometimes will be crowded with people. So this is the best I can do ....

The lake outside the Gua Tempurung.

Give me a wow factor when I first enter the cave. Like enter another dimension.

Look a bit spooky and also stuffy

Follow the light and you will end up at the entrance. Not in heaven of coz. Hehe.

So many people. We are not allowed to go in by ourself. We need to follow the group and guided by an instructor.

The so-called floating limestone.

Very unique rite?

Group photo before we headed out of the hell cave. Hehe. The wind tunnel is so refreshing.

Another ones.

After that, we headed to next destination. Stay tune again. Commercial break and I will be right back. Hehe.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lata Kinjang

It have been a while that I did not update my blog. Recently busy with my Veritas NetBackup training at Amcorp Tower for 5 days. I am very lucky because I am one the only ones attended the training from my team. I guess my hard work just pay off by that training.

Let recap what I had done over the weekend. I invited my best buddy, Douglas to follow me back to my hometown, Teluk Intan because I have talked about that almost a year but could not find the suitable time. At last, we are able to make it before he went to Australia for further studies.

Our first destination was Lata Kinjang. It was one of my favorite place I love to go. Love the cool water and also far away from the city. Too bad when we went that day was raining and we cannot enjoy playing the water there. Let see some photos taken there.

The photo taken at the hanging bridge at the top of the waterfall.

Love the way the water cascading down the rock.

The smooth flow of the water created calmness when we were there.

The virgin jungle without the interference of human.

Clear crystal water from the nature. No need Diamond!. Hehe...

When we walked down to the bottom of the waterfall, the formation of the rock created nicely water flow when taken with slow shutter.

Just love the way they flow...

Special thanks to Douglas who took this picture for me. He teaches me a lots of photography tips along the journey. Thanks, bro.

On my way back, stop by nearby the chinese cemetery for some picture. Respect the death.

Somehow, it is not that creepy after all. But not too sure if it is midnight. Hehe.

The next day we went to Gua Tempurung. Stay tune for more.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Woof Woof Day

Last Sunday, meet up with Lu Jim Mie at Central Park for some dog photo shooting. It was a hot and sunny day. So many doggies around the park. Big ... Small... White... Black... Colorful dog also got... Yeah. Colorful dog. I really meant it. Saw Eric and Slyvia and also Blackie and Elaine with their dog named sor kaw (dumb dumb dog). Haha. The dog name is actually Teddy Bingo if I am not mistaken.

See how happy was the dog running.

Dog are also photogenic too. I guess she was saying "Am I Cute?"

Dunno whether this is a dog or a sheep. Dunno how many shampoo the owner need to use to wash the dog hair.

See how sexy is her hair. Hehe :P

See! Here the proof. Colorful dog. Haha!

Oh My God. They have bling bling eyes too. So glaring.

Even Siberian Husky also have bling bling eyes.

Most Valuable Football Player. Diego Maradogna.

The owner of 2 St Bernard dog. Damn huge. How good if can hug them to sleep. Minus their saliva of course.

Eric and Slyvia was there talking with the owner.

The photo of Blackie. Opss!! Wrong pic. Haha.

The pic of myself and Blackie. Correct pic.

One small happy family. Blackie, Elaine and Bingo.

The proud owner of all the cute brown poodle.

Last but not least, kidnapped Bingo to shoot photo with me. Haha.

Later that night still need to work night shift and end up being sick now. Haha. Hopefully to be recover before Chinese New Year.

For more photos, please chick HERE.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Douglas Photo Exhibition

Last Saturday, I went to Douglas Photo Exhibition at Popular Bookstore at Petaling Street. Some photography sharing by Douglas about the way how he interpret his artwork based on feeling and emotion. That why he was nicknamed as Emo-King among us.

Friends who are there to support Douglas for his first photo exhibition.

With determination and passionate for photography, he clearly explained to the audiences.

Friends who are there for him walking all the way until now to support him

Douglas and the poster that he designed just for the photo exhibition.

Series of black and white photo exhibit at Level 2 Popular Bookstore at Petaling Street.

How much he had improve from 2 years experiences in photography.

All photos are from sharing of his life and travel with a bunch of friends.

Manda, Jaselyn and Mei Lin. Ah Girl travel all the way from Johor to attend the exhibition.

Camwhore around together with Douglas and friends around the gallery.

Douglas explaining to his friend about his artwork.

Me and Joshua at the gallery.

Last but not least, picture of myself with the poster.

A BIG congratulation to Douglas and hope his artwork will inspire many of us to improve and to share with others about our own view in photography.

Best of luck to him in studies whom he will be leaving to Australia for further studies about a year.

All the best, brother!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

His First Virgin Photo Exhibition

For those who are interested into photography, do pay a visit to Popular book store at Petaling Street. There will be photo exhibition from 15th Jan 2008 to 24th Feb 2008 and the theme for this exhibition is "找回忆" or “Those Day”.

A talk will be conducted by the photographer itself, Douglas on the 19th of January 2008 at 3pm. Same venue. So be there and you will learn lots of photography ideas from this creative and humble photography.

So see you all there.

To Douglas,

Congratulation and good luck for your photo exhibition. We all love you. Haha.

HP GCM Dinner

It been a while I did not update my blog because kinda busy with my work. Last Friday, our company having kick off annual dinner at Renaissance Hotel at KL. Hoping to win some lucky draw but end up winning nothing at all. Guess lady luck was not at my side. The theme for this year kick off annual dinner was black and red. Therefore all the guests was in red and black and make me feel like having Chinese New Year soon.

Some of the photo taken during the dinner. MC was getting ready.

Photo of myself with Tan and Fairuz outside the hotel lobby.

Ikhwan with his youthfulness Superman t-shirt. He look so young with the t-shirt.

More Superman.. hehe..

Catherine and Nicole.

The rest of my colleagues who are having fun at the dinner.

Although the lady luck was not beside me, I guess she was having around my table. One of my level one engineers, Wantos won the grand prize of 40inch Sony LCD TV. How good if I get the prize and then I can play PS2 with that huge LCD. Anyway, congratulation to him although the prize suppose to be mine. All mine...!! Hehe...

See how happy he was. We are actually started packing to go home before they even announce the grand prize winner. When his name was called, I rush out to the stage to take this picture for him as we already promise whoever won the prize, anyone of us will take their picture.

Anyway, congratulation Wan!

The End... hehe...