Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More from Lang Tengah Island Trip

Spending 3 days 2 nights in Lang Tengah Island is simply relaxing and a joyful trip. We play beach volley ball, snokerling till sunburn, sitting under the moon and enjoy the cool breezing air is unforgettable memory for me especially when you are with close friends that you had knew more than 15 years. ASOB forever!

Some photos of Lang Tengah Island... all in nature...

White sandy and powdery sand...

Places for you to sun bathing... definitely not for me because I dun wan to be so dark...

Boat to transfer you to anywhere around the island for snokerling.

Blue blue sky..

Paradise island...

Swinging coconut tree..

Lots of coconut trees...

This is another side of the Lang Tengah..

About 5 minutes walk from our hotel...

The water is more crystal clear.. Nice place for u to snokerling...

And a nice spot if you like to see some small shark when you snokerling... I managed to spot 2 little shark there...

Besides snokerling, we camwhore alots. At nite, myself, ah hung and mckaye go n catch crab and hermit crab. Surprisingly, the next day they managed to catch 2 little nemo or clown fish and some stone fish as well. Haha.

Evelyn and Maggie..

Vincent perfecting his shot...

Mini group photo..

Ah Loy and Maggie again... haha...

Once we started shooting, then come some weird weird pose already. Haha. This include some indecent act thanks to creative idea from Douglas as usual.

So many hands...

Gaya Mutu Keunggulan.

Practicing Dragon Ball super power to combine as one super Goku.

If you are not 18 years old and above, I will suggest you to skip the picture below. The picture can be very disturbing. Indecent behavior!

Let you all guess who is performing the "art".... Haha.

Very very disturbing rite?

Is just a camera trick. No indecent behavior was done there. So dun worry. Haha. No animal was harm in the process. Haha!!!

See how much Douglas enjoyed his natural jacuzzi..

Facing the blue sea...

Natural spa + jacuzzi... So enjoyed...

What else we can do there... of coz make some crazy jump... like what ah pOp like to do.. haha..

Fly up up and away...

Get ready to jump....

First attempt failed. Not nice jump! Haha!

I wan to jump like ah chiew. Haha! Damn Yeng!

End up jumping like that. Haha. Boleh tahan la!! Like surfing in the air... See my hair!! Haha!!

Of coz before we go back, must take family photo for our memory...

One big happy family.. How come I am not inside.. Oh yeah.. I hold the camera.. haha!

One big crazy family.. Haha!

All the leng luiz... They are all MINE!! Muahaha!!! Jealous or not?!!

All the satans from HELL. Being molested by ah Chiew. My god!!

That wrapped up the trip we have in Lang Tengah Island.

Can start to think where to go next.....

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lang Tengah Island

Last weekend I just back from Lang Tengah Island together with my best friends. I think this is the first trip I have together with my hometown's ASOB brotherhood since we graduated. It all started when I asked them (my best friends Ah Hung, Ah Ling and McKaye) one day during yumcha time, how come we never have any trip together?

Pic taken at Kuala Terengganu Bus Station while we were waiting for our coach to transfer us to Merang Jetty.

The boat that transfer us to the island.

Didi Dave, Vincent, Douglas and Miss Ketam (hehe.. i actually forgotten her name). Call her Miss Ketam coz we travel before to Pulau Ketam long time ago.

Ah Hung and Ah Ling.

Feeling like jump into the crystal clear water once we reach there.

Then we started to give ideas and finally choose to go to Lang Tengah Island. Then I started to planned everything and look for cheap packages to the island. Thanks to Christine, my skype friend who introduce me to Leren who work as tour agent that help me a lots in planning the trip. Initially, only 8 of us going to Lang Tengah (Ah Hung, Ah Ling, Mc Kaye, Siew Ling, Maggie, Ah Loy, Ah Chiew and myself) and then add another 2 more (Vincent and Douglas).

Few gay photo from Ah Hung...

Walau! Even bite his own lip. Beh tahan! Thanks to Douglas who teach him the deadly pose.

Syok sendiri on the beach?!

After few gay photos, must show a bit of his MAN"ness"!!

Super Gaya Pose No.1

Super Gaya Pose No.2

Super Gaya Pose No.3

Super Gaya Pose No.4

Super Gaya Pose No.5

Siew Ling, Mc Kaye, Ah Hung and Ah Chiew.

Dave enjoying herself in swing hammock.

Shoot photo of Vincent shooting me!

New tourists who came in the next day. Hotel was fully booked due to school holiday.

Rusted anchor on the boat.

Fishing boat.

Siew Ling, May, Tracy, Chye Hoon and Ms Ketam. Haha!

Then add more another 5 people (Miss Ketam, Chye Hoon, May, Tracy and Didi Dave). So in total 15 of them going to invade the small island of Lang Tengah. Departed from KL at 10pm and reach Kuala Terengganu as early as 5am while waiting for our coach to transfer us to Merang jetty.

Taken on the way to Redang Marine Park. Wonder what Ah Chiew is doing to McKaye?!

Douglas already have obvious sunburn the next day.

One big happy family.

Two prince of darkness from HELL.

We reach Lang Tengah Island around 10am and our stay will be at Redang Lang Resort. The turquoise blue water, white sandy beach, swinging coconut trees and nice weather awaiting us. The room was pretty simple and the food was nice. The warm hospitality of the staffs make our stay even more meaningful.

Borrow 50mm from Vincent. Thinking of getting one now! Kena poison already.

Some photos of Evelyn...

The weather was too hot for me to continue shooting. Eye also cannot open properly. Haha. The rest of the photos..

Siew Ling in action.


Tracy and May.

Another May photo.

More photos will be posted later. Meanwhile just enjoyed some sweet memory we have in Lang Tengah Island.