Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Wedding - Max & Elaine

Still remember the last time I took picture for them is during their ROM. And now is their wedding dinner already. So happy for both of them able to find their happiness. Some of the photos I took during the day when Max was on the way to "claim" Elaine and also on wedding dinner.

Mr & Mrs Mashimaro! haha!

The pinkish and energetic heng dais before the battle!!!

Max looked so "enjoy" being tortured by the chee muis. Looking so concentrate on make up. haha!

Can't believe when guy kiss with another guy also they will close their eyes. Trying to imagine they are kissing Megan Fox or they just too scare to see the truth in front of their eyes. Haha! While some just enjoying both of them kissing. Haha!

Finally able to "claim" Elaine after all the challenges throw to Max and the heng dais. Bravo!!

The handsome, Max and the beautiful Elaine.

Elaine so happy and sweet !!...

Make Up Time!

Before entering the wedding hall.

Kampai!!! Yumseng!!!

Wishing Max & Elaine Happy Forever.

Monday, March 30, 2009

One Boring Sunday

Today feel very boring, so decided to give a call to Douglas to ask whether if he got any plan but end up both of us do not have any plan for Sunday. So both of us decided to gear with our camera and started our journey without any plan or direction.

We round and round and finally we are at Dengkil. Since I have never been to Dengkil, we decided to have a look at Paya Indah Wetland. The entrance is FOC and you will need to register your car whereby the receptionist will provide your the brochure about the place.

You will see lots of duck enjoying the swimming around the lake.

And some gooses as well.

Close up look at the goose.

Nearby there is a lake with full of Lotus flower. Too bad I can't walk too close to the lotus flower as all the blooming flower was at the middle of the lake. Have to depend on my camera zoom to take all those pictures. However, it was a nice weather to take series of lotus flower.

When I was about to go to another part of the lake, Douglas was whispering to me to look at the another lake and ask me whether I could see something emerged from the lake. After few minutes, I was able to see what actually he wanted to show me.

Two hippo inside the water trying to cool down themselves. Both hippos are so camera shy. So cute as they are like keep peeping on us while we are waiting to shoot them. Definately a hot day for us not just the animals. Too bad we cant see any crocodiles at the crocodiles lake.

Then we continue again our journey without direction. When on our day to Banting, I see a road sign that show the way to Dong Zen temple at Jenjarum and immediately it become our next destination. This is the first time for me and Douglas to visit that temple.

At the entrance of the temple, you will be greet by 18 Luo Han rock sculptures.

There will be lots of lanterns surrounding the hall as well as few giant drums as well.

Beautiful garden which is nicely decorated and well maintain by the temple. Saw many photos before that the temple will be full of lights especially during special occasion like Wesak Day and etc.

Little Buddha medicating at Zen Garden.

We continue our journey back to Banting and head up to Morib beach. Just passing by the Morib beach and both of us keep indulge in old sweet memory that we have last time where we use the same route to Melaka with Xiao Fu and Mei Qing 3 years ago.

Soon, we reached Bagan Lalang just in time for view the sunset while we have our seafood dinner at Restaurant Terapung HM Sri Bagan. Below are some of the dishes we order for tonight.

Kerang bakar.

Ikan pari bakar.

Sotong Goreng Tepung. Highly recommended because the squid is big enough and just enough of flour to make it crispy with home made sauce which come together with it.

Another highly recommended dish. Ikan pari masak merah. 

Kangkung ikan masin. When we are eating, we keep looking at other dishes which ordered by other customers. Haha! So, next time we will know what to order again. Look like not that boring Sunday afterall.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thee Kong Prayer

Thee Kong prayer is one of the most important prayer for Hokkien people like my family during Chinese New Year. The prayer will start on the night of the 8th day of Chinese New Year. As usual, my parent will be very busy preparing all the foods to be ready before the night.

Miku, Ang ku, fish, prawn, crab, fruits, sugar cane is a must for the prayer for my family. And definately one thing not to be missed by my family is...

full size roasted pig.. haha.. (sorry non-halal)... During that time most of us will start dripping our saliva seeing that crispy skin of the pig.

Take a look of those crispy skin.. believe me.. it taste good.. really good.. 

During the night, the table will be ready with lots of foods.

Everybody in the family will work together to ensure everything is properly prepare before the prayer. My parent especially my dad are very particular about Thee Kong prayer.

Yummy!!! Table full with foods...

Playing with my camera to create that effect. hehe!

Front view of the prayer table. Even the table is higher than me. Have to stand up on the chair to take the picture.

Another shot of the table.

My mum praying for health and safety of the family. We don't need to be rich, so long our family are healthy and happy.

Mum and dad praying.

My dad.

After the prayer, all of us will start to arrange the joss paper with the shape like crown.

Chinese New Year will never be complete without fire crackers. As usual, my dad will be the ones who officially light up the fire crackers.

Even on first and second day of CNY also not happening compare to Thee Kong Prayer. Maybe because the place we stayed have lots of Hokkien lang. Hehe!

Haha! Red Red! Huat ah!! Huat ah!!

The prayer will be end by burning the joss paper. But it is not the end for us. As for us, the night is still young. Haha! By that time we finish the prayer, we will take out our last fire-crackers.

Did you see the box??!! Haha! 168 boom!! It is the same like what you usually see during Merdeka or New Year celebration firework. Haha! Dun ask me where we got the fire cracker.

Haha! Once the prayer finish, we will "butcher" the piggy! Hehe! And feed our huge little stomach. Haha! Drooling!!

Hehe! Last but not least, picture of me waiting my bro and mum to prepare the roasted pork. Wanna be the first to taste the pork !! You want to eat ma? Hehe! If want, next year can follow me back during Thee Kong prayer.