Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Sorry for no update lately because of trying to adapt into new shift schedule in my work and also Euro Cup lately. Haha. This will be my last post for the trip I have last month. Being delay for so long already.

Mangga Dua Shopping Complex. The huge but empty inside shopping complex nearby the place we stayed.

Our stay in Jakarta was so wonderful because of warm hospitality from Eri, Ari and Junnie. They show us a lots about Jakarta and even take us to karaoke and also take us to eat nice foods along Jakarta especially seafood, nasi bebek, nasi padang and also many more. The seafood in Bandar Djakarta is grand. That is the first time I eat so many prawns that day.

Ari testing his microphone. Haha. He is a good singer. Heard from Junnie that he practice singing every night before his wedding day so that he can perform better.

The lovely husband and wife, Ari and Eri. They are such a good friend to us although I just know them from Donny. Hope they will come visit us in Malaysia one day.

The shopping complex in Jakarta is huge. This is the shopping complex that sell all IT products. Like what we have in Malaysia, Low Yat.

Jakarta is so busy and noisy. And freaking jam also. Lots of motor and cars. Luckily their bus transportation is better than us in Malaysia because they do have bus lane. If not, it would be much worst.

The shopping complex that I went for shopping for souvenirs. And there is one Man Uni Cafe there. Haha. My all time favorite football club, Manchester United.

This is the place I have my dinner with Raddy, my senior who last time work in Hewlett Packard. We dine at the roof top and the food is absolutely wonderful.

The atmosphere is so nice because we could oversee the night life of Jakarta. So nice.

My buddy aka senior, Raddy. He took the trouble to travel all the way to my place and fetch me for dinner. Looking forward for him to come to KL as well.

We went to Inacraft exhibition early in the morning which showcase all the famous craft work from Indonesia with Junnie.

Take this photo somewhere in Inacraft.

Simply love the flower and the pot behind. Hehe!

Then we proceed to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah about 45 minutes travel from Jakarta. Junnie is so nice that she even take one day off together with Eri to accompany us to jalan-jalan. Owed them a big favor. TMII was first initiated by Ibu Tien Soeharto and that place show alots of original architectures of houses in Indonesia like Bali, Riau, Sumatra, Kalimantan, and many mores.

This is the place of House of Bali.

One of the many houses that well preserved by the government.

Indonesia Disneyland. Haha. Definitely not one of the traditional houses of Indonesia. Haha!

Imagine how many bugs they use to make that display. Haha! Taken this photo at the Insect Museum.

Taken this photo at the Fauna Garden.

The Keong Emas IMAX Theater in TMII.

Little orchid around the theater.

The sunset on our way back to the Jakarta town.

Our dinner. Nasi padang. Yummy!!!

Before we went back to our hotel, we drop by at the town whereby we can clearly see the Dutch building which is well preserved by the government.

Another part of the building. Although already 2am, but still there are lots of people hanging out at that area.

Another night shot at that place.

This building look like a mini White House. Haha. The light look like the building is on Fire.

The "burning" building. haha!

Many of them still believe that place is haunted. Some even reported that they see ghost in that area.

Lovely Junnie and Eri. This photo taken at the church that they bring us the next day before we depart back to KL.

This is the oldest church in Indonesia. The architecture of the building is very unique and nice.

Another shot of the church.

Inside the church.

Playing with another White Balance.

Another shot. Just love the church so much.

Yeap! That rap up all the adventure I have in Indonesia.