Sunday, August 31, 2008

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2008 - Team Canada

More fireworks photo from Canada team. Supposed to go at the peak of the PICC (Putrajaya International Convention Center) to take the firework photos but I was too late. Eventually myself and Jimmie went back to the lake area where we were last week during the China team presentation.

Although drizzling raining while we were waiting for the firework, the wind is blowing toward our direction. When the firework start, the smoke blow to the spot where we were and all the firework "shit" drop above us. Another disappointing firework photography for me.

Below are all the photos taken with thick of smoke :





















Monday, August 25, 2008

Zoo Negara

When is the last time you visited national zoo? As for me, the last time for me was actually during my university time which was 6 years ago. Last week, myself together with Douglas, Elaine and Max went to Zoo Negara. Haha!

We reached there about 10am and straight away to the zoo and took the shuttle car for a brief round the zoo. It is already crowded by that time we went inside the zoo. The first animal that we saw is giraffe.

"Come on baby.. give me a kiss.. . dun keep eating the leaves..."

Nice butts yeah!! Haha.. Disclaimer : I am animal lover. Not something else that you had in mind now!

Giraffe saying Hi to all the visitors.

The largest mammal on the land, the elephant.

The elephant was dancing around the corner waiting for the visitors to feed him with sugar canes.

There were lots of stork flying freely around the lake in zoo feeding on fishes.

Another sexy butt. Look at the red pinkish feather on her butt. So pretty!

Once the stork able to find a fish, they will fly away and enjoy the fishes themselves. So selfish like human rite?

Portrait of the stork behind hundred of other storks.

Notty Max bride the deer so that he can took the picture with his fish eyes.

All the animals in the zoo is very lazy and inactive. For the example ...

The lion will just sleep there doing nothing at all.

While the tiger is like in hunting mode. Hoping to jump over the river so grab us for lunch.

See his ferocious eyes looking at my juicy fat! Haha!

Blur blur camel.

This orang utan is the most lazy animal in the zoo. Only sleep there while show his hand hoping for visitor to throw some banana to him. Although, some of the visitor already throw the banana to him, he did not bother to wake up and eat the banana. How lazy!


Mr crocodile sun bathing with his member side by side.

Close up on mr crocodile.

I have never thought that bear have such a long tongue. Maybe for them to suck his tongue into bee hive to enjoy the honey.

Mr Seladang aka wild ox.

Haha! Who dunno mr Pig. Hehe. never thought wild boar will be so ugly. Not even look like cute McDull. haha!

Two Mr. Hippo bathing themselves from the hot weather.

Few photos taken by Elaine. Thanks to her.

Picture of me peeping some girl. Oh No! Caught in the act!

Myself and Max trying to become tiger. Haha! So that can eat wild boar. Haha. "Pan Chu Sek Lao Fu".

Before we leave the zoo, I ....

took this photo... Beware!!! Tiger on the run!!! Haha!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2008 - Team China

Finally I am back into blogging. Not much activity that I has done lately therefore nothing to update in my blog. I am no longer working in Hewlett Packard but now I am attached with Quantum International Corp as technical support analyst.

Last Saturday, myself and Jimmie went to Putrajaya for Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2008. MIFC actually started last year but too bad I did not have any kakis to go with me. However, this year I have the chance to go for the China team's firework.

We reach there as early as 7pm and the lake was crowded with tripod and also dlsr camera setting along the lake. Without wasting any time, we look for a spot to setup our camera.

While we are setting the camera, I took this picture of the full moon.

This is Putrajaya International Convention Center where the grand final + Australia team will present on 29 Aug. A lots of photographers also will be there to take photos whereby it will oversee the bridge.

Closer view of PICC.

This is where we setup our cap ayam tripod and getting ready for the firework. The show supposed to be start at 9.30pm but delay until 10.00pm. Waited and waited and playing with our setting, until neck also feel pain.

And when they close all the light, the firework begin.

More and more fireworks. Keep on pressing my remote control and count the shutter time when snapping the firework. The firework was amazing. There is a part when the firework explode, it will display a heart shape of firework. Pretty awesome.

Too bad as more and more fireworks exploding, the smoke is getting thicker and thicker. Hoping there is more wind to blow away all the smokes so that the photos will be more clearer.

More and more fireworks display.

The show lasted for almost 20 minutes. I was really enjoyed the firework a lots. Hoping to go there on these wednesday where Canada team will perform. Trying to get another spot so that will bring different angles.