Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pulau Ketam

I am having a great time last weekend together with one group of friendly and crazy friends at Pulau Ketam. I am supposed to meet them up at Port Klang KTM station but end up coincidentally at Subang Jaya KTM Station. Even before they enter the train, I can even feel their presence with a great laugh at the other end of the train. 

Before I continue any further, I think I should have introduce them.

Kelvin Kok - Mr. Cool guy of the group. Haha! 

Effie - The chibi maruko-chan of the group. She is funny and love to sing like nobody business. Haha! Nobody can break her spirit.

Janice - The pretty and soft-spoken girl. 

The elegant "Gloria from Madagascar",  Huey Yih.

Last but not least, Evelyn Cheah aka No. 2. She is the ones who introduce me to them.

Once we have reach Pulau Ketam jetty, we crazed ourself with delicious seafood dishes for lunch. Not to forget the famous fatty crab, and also kam heong prawn mantis and lala-jien and oh-jien.

Oh-jien or better known as fried oyster egg.

Group photo while we walking around the Pulau Ketam town. Taken at the temple. I was wondering what is Effie doing there?!! Becoming a Hor Sin Ku perhaps?!!

Just before we are leaving to our floating hostel, they went off with a group jump shot. Our hostel, Greenway Resort is floating hostel with fish farm about 20 minutes boat ride from the Pulau Ketam jetty. It is a good place for group gathering. we have our dinner BBQ, play mahjong, sing out your voice, fishing and etc.

Happy Jump Shot!

Thanks to Effie and Huey Yih, they managed to get one red snapper from the fish farm owner. If not we would have fish to eat that night because our fishing end up nothing but branch of tree and rubbish.

Nice perfect weather before we leaving the jetty to our resort.

We would have lots of fish, if we were allowed to fish inside the net. Hahaha!

For more pictures, you can click on the thumbnail below and meanwhile I will enjoy my way sleeping in the hammock. Adios, bro!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Broga Hill

Last 2 weeks,  Koon Ming, Vincent, Douglas and myself wake up as early as 5am and went to Broga Hill to hike. Broga hill is somewhere around Semenyih and it is located nearby the Nottingham University. Started our hiking as early at 6.45am together with some local peoples who usually went there for exercise.. The climb to Broga is not really that difficult but some route around the jungle might be dangerous due to landslide and rainy season. But the hike to Broga hill would not make you disappointed. The scenery is breathtaking and you can oversee the town of Semenyih.

Some of the photos taken during the hike.

Top of Broga Hill

Golden grass along the way to the top.

Enjoy the route to the top.

Photographer in action.

Koon Ming struggling hard to climb up the hill. Good exercise for us.

Fantastic view that you will love it.

The face of satisfaction after conquer the small Broga hill. Hehe!

For the rest of the photos, please click the following thumbnails.