Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Family

It has been a while that my family did not take any group photos. If I am not mistaken, the last time we have our first family photos is about 10 years back and that time was at grandma house. It is hard to find time to gather all the family members to spent the time to take photos together. So during this Chinese New Year, my mum have instructed that we must take family photos together and here you are... My Family photos..

The typical type of family photos. Hehe!

Mum and dad..

Mum being bullied by dad. Haha! Dad is camera shy! That why not much of his photos.

Let start with the youngest bro in the family, Ah Ben who is still study in Kampar doing acturial science at UTAR.

My 3rd bro, Ah Gee aka Pong Pong. Ignore the "Superman" who jump into the frame. Will introduce him later.

His hair color remind me of Sakuragi of Slam Dunk. Haha! Working in Manjung. He is the tallest and the biggest size in the family.

This is Ah Guan, who is working now in Singapore as cook. We had chatted previously that we do not have family photos for so long and he say that he do not want those typical family photos which parent sit in front and childrens standing behind.

So when I was taking the pictures of him, he keep making fun of my mum height and create very funny moment. All the laughter and smile, make me keep on snapping the pictures. The smile was so natural and it is so warm.

Until my mum make him squad a bit down so that he is level a bit with my mum when taking the photo. Love the smiles!!!

Somehow, I love this shot. Dunno why.

And finally the serious photo with mum.

My bro, Ah Aun who work in KL.

Haha! Last but not least, me! Being eldest in the family. Hoho! Looking forward to develope all the photos and will definitely give a surprise to my mum n dad. Hoho!